The Early Days RPG

The Early Days RPG

“Fuck it. At least I still have peaches. And cigarettes.
Fuck it all.
I need to get out of here.”
Convenience Store/The Early Days

The Early Days RPG is a survival game. The players adopt the role of zombie apocalypse‘s survivors. The game is inspired by the tales on and it is based on the use of cards.

The Early Days RPG was designed to simplify and assist the construction of an adventure tale, saving time of the Harvester and survivors – life is short! All the necessary information for a session are in the cards of Characters, Items and Sceneries. Beware, in The Early Days RPG survival is already a victory.

Game features:

  • Simple and direct. About 20 to 30 minutes between reading the rules and starting the game session.
  • The use of Sceneries, Characters and Items cards based on the Early Days tales and made to facilitate the game’s dynamics. Also, the use of cards simplifies the release of expansions as new tales are publicized.
  • The Harvester dice’s game mechanism use to incorporate the rising despair of zombies encounters on the apocalyptical scenery.

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Scenerie Card
Scenerie Card


Character Card
Character Card

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